Sweat. Swype. Go.

Every second of your workout counts. A high intensity activity like boxing will make you exert a ton of energy and a lot of perspiration. Until now, sweating during a workout meant that you had to remove your gloves every few minutes, pick up an exercise towel and wipe your face. At Revolution Fitness Products, we don’t like wasting our workout, so we invented the SWYPE Towel—a small, reusable exercise towel that attaches to your glove so you can SWYPE and get right back to your workout.


The Exercise Towel for Any Workout

Runners, cyclists and athletes of all types can enjoy the benefits of the SWYPE Towel with the arm sweat towel versions.  The SWYPE Towel will benefit anyone during any physical activity by removing any unwanted sweat without the hassle of carrying a towel around.  Our current adjustable sweat towel version easily slides to the forearm area for easy access of the towel and the glove version which the sweat towel easily attaches and detaches from any boxing gloves for easy access when feeling that stingy burn in your eyes from the sweat dripping down your face during your hard work.  The SWYPE Towel is the exercise towel for any workout.  Get yours TODAY!