About Revolution Fitness

Revolution Fitness Products offers specific high quality fitness products, one of the area’s most experienced health and fitness professional, fitness programs, and educational workshops.  RFP’s partnership with Fitness Clinic of Indy allows us the opportunity to bring you the best programs and products that you deserve.

Enrique Ramos

Enrique Ramos founded Revolution Fitness in 2014. With over 15 years experience, Enrique brought his talents to Indianapolis and currently runs his personal training business at the Fitness Clinic of Indianapolis. Enrique is a certified personal trainer with a Bachelors of Liberal Studies and currently pursuing his Masters of Science in Nursing.  Some of the programs and services offered by Enrique include weight loss, high intensity interval training, bootcamps, small group personal training, boxing fitness, nutrition coaching, and competition coaching.  One of the highlights in Enrique’s resume is working with the Colts Cheerleader in the 2009-2010 season.

After spending years in the fitness industry, Enrique saw the need for fitness products like the SWYPE Towel, an attachable workout towel meant to keep boxers and fitness enthusiasts sweat free. Stopping to go grab a towel to wipe sweat away while doing a boxing training session or teaching a fitness boxing class meant taking away valuable time from training and or classes.  Now with this workout towel that easily attaches and detaches from boxing gloves, interruptions are less and intensity is higher.  This workout towel is not only for boxing but for everyone who works hard and sweats hard during their physical activities.  With gym products like the SWYPE Towel, boxers and other fitness buffs never have to worry about carrying a towel or stopping a workout to find a sweat towel.

So what are you waiting for?  Order your Swype Towel TODAY and just: SWEAT. SWYPE. GO.!