The Swype Towel

The SWYPE Towel: A Gym Towel that Stays Put

After a little inspiration and a lot of perspiration, Revolution Fitness Products created the SWYPE Towel, a soft, absorptive sweat towel made to clean up the perspiration that comes from a high intensity workout or any other physical activity.  The Swype Towel comes in two different designs; Swype Towel for boxing gloves and the Swype Towel adjustable band.

The Swype Towel for boxing gloves easily attaches to boxing gloves and the Swype Towel band easily adjusts to your forearm area so you can easily Swype away that unwanted sweat, freeing up your hands and keeping your eyes and skin free of moisture.  The Swype Towel adjustable band can also slide down to the wrist portion of a boxing glove.  So whether you are running, exercising, boxing, playing golf, doing yard work and gardening, Swype Towel has you covered!

The Sweat Towel for Boxing

The last thing you felt before that knockout hit?  The salty sting of sweat in your eyes. The Swype Towel is attached to a boxing glove with a small Velcro strip and the Swype Towel adjustable band easily slides down to the wrist portion of your boxing glove to help you remove that unwanted sweat while boxing and training.  Now there is no excuses or time lost in your training due to the distractions caused by perspiration.  The Swype Towel will help you maximize your training to the fullest by allowing you to take less unneeded breaks and making use of your time while training.  While originally created for active boxers, Swype Towel’s different designs works great for runners, cyclist, yoga, and any other physical activity where you don’t want to carry that big towel or use your shirt to remove the sweat.

  • 3 inches wide by 5-7 inches long
  • 2 colors: black or purple
  • Comes with additional Velcro for attaching anywhere
  • Machine washable
  • 100% cotton
  • Patent pending